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Pet Photo Plaques

Lifetime Guarantee - Prices from £30

Our Pet Plaques

  • Fade-resistance, our plaques will not be damaged by the sun
  • Frost-proof and waterproof.
  • Lifetime Guarantee with free breakage replacement
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    Personal assistance and proof images when requested
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    Made using vitrified Italian porcelain

A little bit more about FotoMemorial

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1998 FotoCeramic has been producing digital transfers for ceramics and glass; along with our expert knowledge, we have provided custom decals to businesses, designers and members of the public. Frequently we are approached by customers that require help with producing one-off pieces; often this has meant that we have been entrusted with the creation of memorial items, in particular, memorial plaques for headstones and crematoriums.
As demand for this service increased we looked into the market and found that the public were typically under-informed or unwittingly sold inferior products. FotoCeramic Memorials was created to ensure that our customers are fully aware of their options and provided with a finished plaque that will endure for generations to come

Why Choose Us?

  • Manufacturers of ceramics since 2008
  • Frost Proof Italian Porcelain
  • Kiln fired to 900 degrees Celsius to provide a weatherproof and fade resistant finish
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    Upload photos online, via e-mail and or by post
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    Full refund if not completely satisfied
  • Utilising the latest digital printing technology to print custom plaques
  • Printed using fade resistant ceramic pigments and glazed to encapsulate colours
  • Lifetime Guarantee with free breakage replacement
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    Fast turnaround
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    Produced in the United Kingdom

Unit 3-5 Craftsman Works, Sneyd Street
Staffordshire, ST6 2NZ

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