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Memorial Photo Plaques

Lifetime Guarantee - Prices from £30

About us

  • Fade-resistance, our plaques will not be damaged by the sun
  • Frost-proof and waterproof.
  • Lifetime Guarantee with free breakage replacement
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    Personal assistance and proof images when requested
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    Made using vitrified Italian porcelain

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Image Repair

If your image is damaged in anyway, we can repair the picture ready for printing. Our excellent design team can repair almost any damage to an image. 


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Memorial Plaque showcase

  • Oval
  • BOhemia
  • Photo Plaque Oval
    Oval Plaque with background edited in.

Available Sizes:

3 x 4 cm     5 x 7 cm     6 x 8 cm    7 x 9 cm    8 x 10 cm    9 x 12 cm    10 x 13 cm    11 x 15 cm  

About this plaque:

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Your plaques are fading? Here's why...

Before being tempted by low-cost memorial plaques on well known retail websites, please be aware that many of these are produced using the dye-sublimation method. These are not fired and will therefore not withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and varying weather conditions.

Only ceramics which have been kiln fired up to 900°C can be guaranteed to provide a scratch-proof, weather resistant finish, and will not fade over time.

Why Choose Us?

  • Manufacturers of ceramics since 2008
  • Frost Proof Italian Porcelain
  • Kiln fired to 900 degrees Celsius to provide a weatherproof and fade resistant finish
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    Upload photos online, via e-mail and or by post
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    Full refund if not completely satisfied
  • Utilising the latest digital printing technology to print custom plaques
  • Printed using fade resistant ceramic pigments and glazed to encapsulate colours
  • Lifetime Guarantee with free breakage replacement
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    Fast turnaround
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    Produced in the United Kingdom

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